I have a charge for $145 that I don't recognize from World of Beer.

Can you find out what it is? If it's a subscription can you stop it?


It was for a beer of the month type membership and they auto billed you for the next quarter.

I canceled it and was able to get you a full refund.

Get super powers

Turbo charge everything you do. Your Second lets you effortlessly come up with awesome gift ideas, find you incredible doctors, add more magic to date nights, order intriguing lunches, and much more.

With the number of things you impressively knock out of the park, people will think you're super human.

Had a long day but I feel like surprising Marie with a spur of the moment date night. Can you give me some ideas?

Of course! There's a pottery making class and sushi making class, both have openings for tonight.

The observatory is open tonight, great for stargazing!

There's a drive-in theatre playing Chocolat at 7pm.

Beach bonfires are allowed starting this month, great for a picnic dinner!

Have an expert handle your to do list

Your Second handles countless to do lists and tasks day in and day out, having paid infinitely more bills and researched more recommendations than the typical person for example, and your Second is getting even better at it every minute.

Let your Second quickly and expertly vet businesses, make appointments, find events, research products, and much more, so you can focus on what you're good at.

My old boss just sent me an email congratulating me on my new position. Can you send him a thank you note, and maybe a gift too? I'll email you his info.

Absolutely! I'll send him a hand written thank you card. As for the gift, it looks like he'd love an afternoon sailing lesson!

That's a great idea! Could you take care of that?

Already know a great school in the area! The total will be $78, is that okay?

Yup. Thank you!

Your miraculous assistant

Every member of the team is thoroughly screened, vetted, and tested on multiple skills before joining. They then go through meticulous training to ensure they are seasoned experts before they ever even see a client.

At the end of the day, you have a highly-trained professional that can complete your tasks extraordinarily fast with precision. Trust us, you'll love one on your team.

The Best Service Around

Scales to What You Want

Use your Second as much or as little as you want. Send your Second a list of things to do every day, or just simply a task or two every month. Your Second and service will adjust perfectly to your needs.

Human and Artificial Intelligence

All tasks are personally handled by a dedicated team to ensure a white glove experience for you. The team is assisted by various AI systems to super charge them, providing the best of both worlds.

Simple Service

You can reach your Second via email and text message. Send tasks whenever convenient, and we'll complete your requests 8am to 5pm Pacific time on weekdays.

Some Common Tasks


  • Finding restaurant reservations
  • Making phone calls on your behalf
  • Doing research and finding things out for you
  • Coming up with gift ideas and having them sent
  • Recommending a reputable doctor that's convenient
  • Finding fun things to do in a new city
  • Finding an item in stock nearby
  • Making appointments


  • Taking care of data entry
  • Gathering background information on your upcoming meeting
  • Creating social media posts
  • Completing research
  • Organizing an email inbox
  • Seeing what your competition is up to
  • Proofreading content
  • Providing another pair of hands on a project

Perfect for Your Life

Let your Second make your phone calls, pay bills, and manage anything else on your to do lists, so you are free to focus on what is important in your life.

Go ahead, catch up with some friends, close that deal, and finish that project. Let your to do list be tackled by an expert, your Second. Give your life a boost.

Perfect for Business

A large portion of our clients are entrepreneurs using their Second for work. Get a highly skilled and trained person on your team at the drop of a hat. Send as much or as little work to your Second as you want done.

You're free to focus on moving the business forward, with your Second at your side handling whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Reserve Your Second


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1 Hour of Work per Month (Enough for Most!)
$25 per Additional Hour (Pay as You Go)

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