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from: Paul Westbrook
to: Second
Please finish this for me
Hey! For each person on the attached spreadsheet can you find and add their contact information?

Also can you find a way to send 50 hand written cards by this weekend?
from: Second
to: Paul Westbrook
Re: Please finish this for me
Absolutely Paul, I'll email both of these back shortly!

As always, I'll also update the weekly report you get with this.

I have a charge for $145 that I don't recognize from World of Beer.

Can you find out what it is? If it's a subscription can you stop it?


It was for a beer of the month type membership and they auto billed you for the next quarter.

I called and canceled it, and was able to get you a full refund.

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Common Questions

  • Aren't assistants just for rich people?

    That used to be true, but not anymore.

    First we've worked hard to create a team of highly trained, incredibly nice people. The team is the foundation of our service, and we have the best around.

    Next we invested just as heavily in technology, arming our talented team with the best infrastructure and tools in the industry. This has brought previously unseen efficiency and capabilities to our service.

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  • What kind of tasks can I send?

    Pretty much anything that a smart, capable person with a computer, internet connection, and a phone can do.

    Think making reservations, researching topics, finding doctors that meet your criteria, and some magic to date night, or anything else you can think of. More details here.

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